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A&j Export
Heat Transfers…the designs that everyone is talking about !


A&J Export Stock Heat Transfers allow you to decorate most any fabric and provide a tremendous advantage over direct screen-printing.  A&J Export designs are recognized the world over for creative excellence and consistent quality.  


Prices in US Dollar




Kids and Youth Designs, Regular,  PKx12 P-8 $0.22
Kids and Youth Designs, Regular puff,  PKx12 P-9 $0.62
Kids and Youth Designs, Regular opaque,  PKx12 P-10 $0.62
Kids and Youth Designs, CMYK,  PKx12 P-11 $0.78
Kids and Youth Designs, CMYK  opaque,  PKx12 P-12 $0.78
Kids and Youth Designs, Superglitz,  PKx12 P-13 $0.87
Kids and Youth Designs, Superglitz opaque,  PKx12 P-14 $0.87
Adult Designs, Regular,  PKx12 P-15 $1.70
Adult Designs, Regular puff,  PKx12 P-16 $1.70
Adult Designs, Regular opaque,  PKx12 P-17 $2.42
Adult Designs, CMYK,  PKx12 P-18 $2.90
Adult Designs, CMYK  opaque,  PKx12 P-19 $3.26
Adult Designs, Superglitz,  PKx12 P-20 $3.62
Adult Designs, Superglitz opaque,  PKx12 P-21 $4.12
Sheets Size 19"x25" Regular ,PKx100 P-22 $19.00
Sheets Size 19"x25" Glitter puff ,PKx100 P-23 $25.00
Sheets Size 25"x38" Regular ,PKx100 P-24 $48.00
Sheets Size 25"x38" Regular puff, PKx100 P-25 $50.00
Request pricings wholesale or distributor please filling the fill-out form thanks.
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